Multimedia Broadcast

“#45for45 kickoff: Youth to weigh in on Trump’s first 100 days”

Note: After President Donald Trump was elected, I got to work on a video series, “#45for45,” asking teenagers around the world to share their opinions and expectations for the new president. Below is the kickoff video which includes footage from Indonesia, South Korea and France.

(Published on on Feb. 6, 2017)

“45for45: Lebanon high school students speak out on Muslim ban”

Note: With students in Saida, Lebanon, I produced this video after President Donald Trump signed Executive Order 13769. Although Lebanon wasn’t on the ban list, the kids feared they might be next. The video was published minutes after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals refused to lift a federal judge’s stay on the ban.

(Published on on Feb. 9, 2017)

“INTERVIEW: Davis women take second at Nike Cross Nationals”

Note: The girls cross country team placed second at Nike Cross Nationals, the most prestigious cross country meet in the country. I called them for a live interview, which we had never done before. The quality is not great, but the story was breaking news, and it was better to have something than nothing.

(Published on on Dec. 5, 2015)

“Events: Davis: Debate”

Note: For my on-camera debut, I worked with a local news website, iSeeDavis, to produce a six-minute video about the first presidential debate. I attended a viewing party for Hillary Clinton supporters, where I interviewed the coordinator and other attendees. My part runs from 1:54 to 3:53.

(Published on on Sept. 26, 2016)


For three months, I worked on this video series, profiling 13 current and past culturally diverse Davis High students. The goal: to tell their story in a one-minute video, highlighting six words describing their journey. Each week, I filmed a different video and edited the footage with Adobe Premiere Elements.

Below are three of the videos. Click here to see the others.

“Sheehan Selim”

Note: Selim was shy at the beginning of the interview and responded to my questions with a few words. But he immediately opened up when I asked: What are false stereotypes about your culture? I was glad to share his answers, which inspired my peers to rethink grouping all Asians together.

(Published on on Dec. 26, 2016)

“Cosmo Kasapligil”

Note: Kasapligil’s concern about his cousins in Turkey was sincere. I spliced in b-roll of family photographs to humanize his story and added melancholy music to emphasize that this story might not end happily. Mandatory military service is a reality for many Turks, and Kasapligil showed maturity when speaking about it.

(Published on on Nov. 14, 2016)

“Meseret Carver”

Note: Carver’s home was full of vibrant colors and memories of Ethiopia, which presented many opportunities for b-roll shots of which I took advantage. In addition, Carver had lots to say; however, she spoke quietly so I increased the volume artificially in Adobe Premiere Elements.

(Published on on Oct. 11, 2016)

“SPIRIT: Winter Ball woos students”

Note: I debuted this video series, “Spirit Videos,” in an effort to broaden our audience. This video tells the story of our Winter Ball from asking out dates to putting on makeup to dancing without any narration. The hardest part: finding copyright-free music online. 

(Published on on Dec. 4, 2016)

“Take it to the HUB”

Note: During my junior year, I led the radio program at Davis High and co-hosted a radio news/sports show on our local radio station. This job involved collecting radio stories each week and compiling them into a 30-minute show that aired twice a month. Attached is our first show.

(Published on on Sept. 30, 2015)

“All Student Center presented at Groundbreaking”

Note: This video was my first coverage on the new All Student Center. I filmed the groundbreaking ceremony and conducted interviews with the head of the project, our principal and superintendent during my snack break at school. I then edited the video during my journalism class and posted it that afternoon.

(Published on on Oct. 28, 2016)