The HUB’s social media presence

Note: Since most of our website traffic comes through social media, we have expanded to five social media platforms: Twitter (for live tweets/final game results), Instagram (for timely photos/videos), Facebook (for alumni/parents), Snapchat (for students who cannot attend events),  and the Podcast app (for our readers who want to listen to The HUB on the go). I set goals at the beginning of the year to increase our followings on all accounts.

Twitter goal: 800 / beginning of year: 580 / current: 808

Instagram goal: 1500 / beginning of year: 1376 / current: 1689

Facebook goal: 1300 / beginning of year: 1189 / current: 1353

Snapchat goal: 300 / beginning of year: 102 / current: 348

Twitter @dhshub homepage on Feb. 13, 2017:

Note: Our Twitter account is for teasing stories and media campaigns. This year, we continued our two traditional hashtags — #hublove (on Valentine’s Day) and #hubslittlehelpers (around the holidays) — and created an election-related tag: #devilsvote. We featured students who turned 18 prior to Nov. 8, 2016 and voted on Election Day.

Posts from #Devilsvote:

Note: I also live tweet sports games. Below is my coverage of women’s basketball’s Break the Record Night.

Instagram @bluedevilhub homepage on Jan. 26, 2017:

Note: Our Instagram account solely used work from our photographers until the platform allowed one-minute videos. We took advantage of this new opportunity and launched DHS360, one-minute video profiles. I worked with a team to develop a template for the new series.

First DHS360:

(Published on @bluedevilhub on April 27, 2016)

Another DHS360:

(Published on @bluedevilhub on Aug. 28, 2016)

Facebook “The HUB” homepage on Jan. 26, 2017:

Note: All stories are teased on Facebook to accommodate the many interests that our viewers have. We review statistics from each post to appeal more to our audience.

Statistics from inauguration coverage:

Note: I also decided to try a Facebook Live for the first time this year, which is why it switches from landscape to portrait throughout the video. I filmed a student protest as it was happening. We had 17 live viewers and 1,400 overall views.


(Published on The HUB Facebook Page on Nov. 10, 2016)

Snapchat @dhshub (no homepage)

Note: Since establishing The HUB on Snapchat this year, we have covered many DHS events students could not attend and conducted quick interviews with students. Below is the Snapchat story from women’s basketball Senior Night and interviews with newly elected student presidents, vice presidents, secretary, etc.

Podcast app “Blue Devil Voices” homepage on Jan. 26, 2017:


Note: This year’s radio producer and I moved our monthly radio show from the local station to the Podcast App. Our challenges included moving the podcast to iTunes. Our subscribers receive notifications when the podcast comes out each month and can download the podcasts to their phone.

First podcast:

Ads and Social Media on BlueDevilHUB.com

Note: I worked with our webmaster to find a plug-in to place our Instagram feed and Soundcloud (the other location where our monthly podcast is posted) on the sidebar of our website. We also debuted our first ad on the website, generating revenue from our online readers for the first time.

BlueDevilHUB.com homepage on Jan. 26, 2017:

BlueDevilHUB iPhone app

Note: I have been working all year with our webmaster to create a news app similar to New York Times for students to read news on the go. While the app has another few weeks before its launch, a screenshot of the homepage is below.